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Our Current Models


MG 4 Electric Pioneering the Future of Urban Mobility

Revolutionizing Efficiency with a 295km to 400km Range – Embrace the Next Generation of Electric Hatchbacks

MG 5

MG 5 Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Design

Reviving Classic Spirit with a Coupé-Like Silhouette and Futuristic Interiors Inspired by Fighter Jet Cockpits


MG ZS The Captivating Crossover Redefining Driving Excellence

Experience the Perfect Fusion of Dynamic Style and Advanced Technology in this Captivating Crossover


MG ZST Unveiling Elegance and Performance

Fusing British Heritage with Middle Eastern Allure, the Captivating Crossover Redefining Driving Excellence


MG HS A Symphony of Elegance and Adventure

Redefining Sophistication with Cutting-Edge Technology for an Enchanting Driving Experience

MG Bangladesh: Driving the Legacy Forward

MG Bangladesh combines British heritage with innovation. Since 1924, MG has symbolized iconic design and performance, rooted in a rich British legacy. Now, we’re in Bangladesh, redefining the future of automobiles. Join us on this journey to “Drive the Legacy Forward.” Explore our initiatives in Bangladesh on our website.

“The secret and charm of an MG is the way they handle. Whether you’re dawdling along enjoying the spring sunshine or shaking out a reef and making the knots along an empty arterial road.”


Cecil Kimber, Founder, MG

The History of a 100-Year-Old Brand

Welcome to the fascinating world of MG, a brand with a legacy that spans over a century. In this web page, we will take you on a captivating journey through the history and heritage of MG, from its inception to the present day. Explore how MG’s century-old legacy has shaped the automotive industry and continues to inspire car enthusiasts worldwide.

Navigate Your World with Precision and Ease

MG Dhaka Showroom

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Navigate Your World with Precision and Ease

MG Chattogram Showroom

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