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About Morris Garages

little bit about MG

MG Motor is a British automotive company with a rich history. MG stands for Morris Garages, named after William Morris, the founder of Morris Motors, which was one of the earliest British car manufacturers. MG has undergone several ownership changes and rebranding throughout its history.
MG has focused on producing affordable and stylish cars, including electric vehicles. The brand has expanded its global presence and gained popularity for offering competitive pricing and modern design, making it a choice for budget-conscious consumers.

little bit about RANCON

The illustrious octagon finds itself reincarnated under the sole distributorship of RANCON British Motors Limited. RANCON is an establishment that is half a century old and is the leading automotive organization in Bangladesh, helming eight distributorships all specializing in unique segments. Together, MG and RBML will continue to push the boundaries of innovation for the future. At RANCON, be assured, services are second to none. We find great pleasure in knowing that we’ve got a family extending organizational borders and one that is heartily content.
To know more, please visit the RANCON official website:

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