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The History of a 100-Year-Old Brand

Welcome to the fascinating world of MG, a brand with a legacy that spans over a century. In this web page, we will take you on a captivating journey through the history and heritage of MG, from its inception to the present day. Explore how MG’s century-old legacy has shaped the automotive industry and continues to inspire car enthusiasts worldwide.

Unveiling the Sporting Heritage of MG

MG 14/28

MG Emergence: Born as the sports car division of Morris Cars, MG first captivated the public eye in 1924 with the inaugural model of the series: the MG 14/28, boasting an impressive top speed of 105 kmph.

These iconic vehicles swiftly solidified the MG marque as a beloved choice among enthusiasts of sporting motoring.



Smaller, faster, and a joy to drive

The Old Number One

Cecil Kimber, dissatisfied with his sales desk job at Morris Garages in Oxford, shifts gears. In the garage, he envisions something different—smaller, faster, and fun to drive cars. The result: the birth of the first MG sports car, the Old Number One.

The people’s sports car

MG M-Type Midget

The M-Type stands as MG’s inaugural “people’s sports car,” epitomizing the brand’s daring innovation. Swift, enjoyable, and priced for accessibility, it swiftly captured the hearts of enthusiasts upon its introduction, solidifying its place as an instant crowd favorite.



MG: Faster, fun, and unbeatable

MG K3 Magnette

MG K3 Magnette: Mille Miglia conqueror. Captain George Eyston & Johnny Lurani, pioneers as the first non-Italian team to seize the 1100 cc class victory.

The cool revolution begins

MG TC Midget

MG unveils the TC, boasting sleek features and gadgets. With over 10,000 units produced, it sparks the American frenzy for British sports cars.



A vintage Magnette masterpiece unfolds

MG ZA Magnette

The MG ZA Magnette initially raised eyebrows, but its stellar performance and superior features swiftly made it a favorite.

MG gears up for the future


MG readies its sports car line for the modern enthusiast, with a new 1498 cc engine and a sleek, aerodynamic shape which set the scene for an exciting production history, with more than 100,000 MGAs sold in its seven year life



MG's Record breakers

MG EX181

In 1954-1959, MG soared to new speed heights with two record-breaking marvels. The EX181, dubbed the Roaring Raindrop, achieved a groundbreaking 245.64mph (395.31 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1957, driven by the legendary Sir Stirling. Two years later, fellow F1 racer Phil Hill pushed it further to 254.91 mph (410.23 km/h), shattering the previous record

A chart-topping success


The MGB roadster held the title of the top-selling MG for several decades. It is widely considered the inaugural modern MG, thanks to its pioneering use of monologue construction. With an impressive acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in just 11 seconds, it became a symbol of performance and style. Its popularity soared, achieving sales that surpassed the remarkable milestone of 500,000 units.



Compact dynamism


As a member of British Leyland, MG gained access to an expanded array of engines, notably the robust 3.5-liter Rover V8 engine. The fusion of a compact car with such substantial power proved to be an immensely popular combination. The incorporation of the potent Rover V8 engine added a thrilling dimension to MG’s lineup, appealing to enthusiasts seeking a high-performance driving experience in a smaller package.

Great things in Modest Dimensions

MG Metro

Following the closure of the doors at Abingdon, the prevailing sentiment was that the MG era had reached its conclusion. Contrary to expectations, MG not only endured but emerged stronger, introducing the lively and compact MG Metro. Despite initial uncertainties, the MG Metro found itself a devoted fan base, ensuring that the legacy and enthusiasm for MG continued to thrive.



Compact dynamism


During the 1980s, there was a noticeable surge in the popularity of the MGB and classic cars as a whole. A renewed appetite for sports cars became evident. Responding to this demand, the MGB staged a comeback in 1993, reincarnated as the MG RV8. This roadster boasted a powerful 3.9-liter V8 engine, rekindling the spirit of the classic MGB in a contemporary form.

Reviving Elegance and Power


The MGF marked a significant milestone as the first entirely new MG sports car since 1962, generating immense anticipation prior to its release. Innovations such as the mid-engine configuration and gas suspension added to its allure. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the MGF swiftly earning the title of a best-seller in numerous regions around the globe.



A Resurgent Presence


The recently unveiled MG6 GT represented a departure, introducing a four-door hatchback that skillfully blended MG’s sporting sedan legacy with modern design elements. Serving as both a nod to MG’s heritage and a glimpse into the future, the MG6 GT and Magnette provided a preview of the aesthetic direction for the upcoming generation of MG products.

Meeting New Expectations


Always advancing into the future, MG recognized the importance of a personal connection. Introducing the MG3, the brand empowered consumers with the ability to co-design their cars through extensive customization options. This approach not only set MG apart but also rekindled global interest in the brand, capturing the attention of the automotive consumer worldwide.



Harmony of Style and Performance


The MG5 ascended as a true standout, captivating enthusiasts with its spectacular blend of a compact frame, striking exterior design, luxurious interiors, and a formidable 1.5-liter petrol four-cylinder “VTi-Tech” engine, delivering high performance and a thrilling driving experience.

Championing Victory


Jason Plato, a luminary in the annals of British touring car racing, made a triumphant return to the BTCC after a decade hiatus, steering the MG 6 GT. His exceptional skills propelled the MG team to victory, securing six wins and clinching five individual championships during his tenure. This marked a resounding success and solidified Jason Plato’s legacy as a driving force in the British touring car scene.



MG's Inaugural SUV


Trailblazing Innovation: MG Unveils the First-Ever MG GS SUV, Redefining Agility both On and Off the Road

MG's Tech-Forward Approach


In 2017, MG unveiled the MG ZS, its inaugural model featuring internet connectivity. Swiftly gaining global acclaim, the MG ZS has made its mark in over 40 countries, approaching an impressive 800,000 units sold in just six years. Taking a leap towards sustainability, the all-electric counterpart, the MG ZS EV, made its debut in 2018, further enhancing MG’s commitment to innovative and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

1.3-litre Turbo engine



Meets Electric Innovation

MG E-Motion Concept

The stunning E-Motion electric coupe concept was designed to accelerate 0-100 kms per hour in less than four seconds, with a range of over 500 kms. Truly a head turning MG.

Captivating Power

MG X-Motion Concept

Continuing the MG brand’s design philosophy of Emotional Dynamism, first introduced with the E-Motion, the MG X-motion emerged as a beautiful beast in the lineup. In the same year, the MG HS SUV was launched, solidifying its status as the production model derived from the striking MG X-Motion concept car. This marked another milestone in MG’s commitment to combining aesthetics with dynamic performance in their vehicle lineup.



MG's Family-Friendly and Fun Approach


The MG ZS EV epitomizes family-friendly electric fun, offering a fully electric driving experience. Launched in mainland Europe in 2019, this MG SUV combines eco-friendly innovation with a versatile and enjoyable driving experience, catering to the needs of modern families seeking sustainable and exciting mobility solutions.

MG's Visionary Roadster Concept

MG Cyberster Concept

Introducing the MG Cyberster, a cutting-edge two-seater electric sports car that pays homage to MG’s classic roadster legacy while embracing new high-tech features. Boasting an interactive gaming cockpit and 5G connectivity, the Cyberster represents a fusion of nostalgia and innovation. With an impressive EV range of about 800km and a blistering acceleration from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds, it stands as a symbol of MG’s commitment to futuristic and exhilarating automotive experiences.



MG's Striking Sedan Design


In 2022, MG unveiled its largest sedan to date – the MG7, a stylish 5-door coupe featuring a sporty salon. This model effortlessly combines ample space with luxurious style, embodying MG’s commitment to providing a sophisticated and sporty driving experience.

MG's Growing Lineup of Electric Vehicles

MG4 Electric

In 2022, MG expanded its electric family with the introduction of five new energy models in mainland Europe. The latest addition, the MG4 Electric, is a fully electric hatchback, further enhancing the diverse and eco-friendly offerings within the MG Family.



Enduring Legacy and Future Commitment

More to Come

Built on a foundation of a rich legacy in forward-thinking design and innovation, MG remains committed to expanding its horizons. With a steadfast dedication to crafting automobiles that resonate with people, MG looks ahead to a future filled with continued innovation and excellence.

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