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MG Warranty


The warranty period commences from the date of delivery of the vehicle for 100,000 KM mileage up to 5 years (whichever comes first).


Warranty Coverage:

  • Guarantees repair replacement or adjustment, free of charge, by an authorized repairer, of any parts those are under warranty, which fails during the warranty period, because of a manufacturing defect.
  • Guarantees any parts replaced under the term of warranty for the balance of the warranty period.
  • All vital component such as Engine, transmission etc. Except-rubber items, electrical items etc. and the components will have wear and tear.


Warranty Terms and Conditions:

Rancon British Motors Limited reserves the right to make changes in the content, description or terms of warranty policy if it deemed necessary by legislation or business objectives and agree to give notice of any changes.


Warranty conditions require that:

  • All claims are notified to, and carried out by, Rancon British Motors Limited during the warranty period.
  • Rancon British Motors Limited must carry out all repairs, damage rectification or fitting of the replacement parts and accessories.
  • The vehicles must not be altered from the original specification, where said alterations may be found to be the cause of any subsequent component failure.
  • The vehicle has not suffered from neglect, improper repair, or improper use, and has been properly cleaned, maintained and serviced in accordance to Rancon British Motors Limited.
  • No Alternative fuel system should not be added (CNG, LPG etc.). The fuel system must remain same as manufacturing
  • Vehicle has not used for rallying, racing or competition purposes of any kind.
  • Vehicle in not subjected to any load heavier than the maximum recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Items subjected to tear and wear will not be under the warranty (e.g. – brake pad, wiper blade, and tyre).
  • Items those require adjustment or replacement as part of routine servicing and maintenance during warranty period are not covered under warranty (e.g. – spark plug, oil filter, drive belt)
  • Lubricants and liquid items are not under warranty.
  • Each general service carried out within 1000 kilometers or 28 days of the recommended mileage interval or service anniversary date as shown on the Service Interval Plan (within the service portfolio) and that the appropriate Service Record page stamped and endorsed by authorized personal of Rancon British Motors Limited.
  • Not applicable for damage on front windshield, rear windshield, and all windows unless caused by manufacturer.
  • Any failure caused by lack of, or improper maintenance are not covered under warranty.
  • Damage caused by or arising from war, strikes, vandalism, accidents, collision, fire, explosion, theft or attempted theft. adverse weather conditions or any act or omission that is unlawful or negligent.
  • Vehicle that have exceeded the maximum permitted mileage covered by the warranty

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